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Residents and Fellows




  • PubMed for Nurses
  • EnviRN-Evidence: A National Library of Medicine Express Outreach Award funded online training program that will enhance nurses' skills and knowledge of environmental health, and allow them to integrate environmental health into their professional practice.
  • Nursing Reference Center Plus
    Nursing Reference Center Plus is an evidence-based information tool designed specially for nurses.
    Access Nursing Reference Center Plus using these login credentials:
    User ID: nurse
    PW: library

  • Hayes Knowledge Center (PERMISSION PENDING)
    Hayes Knowledge Center provides unbiased information about the impact of specific health technologies on patient safety and clinical outcomes that may be useful to you as you evaluate new technologies.

    Each user is required to have an individual login. To request a login, please send the following information to accountservices@hayesinc.com or amelamed@hayesinc.com first and last name, professional credential, job title, facility location, department, email address, and phone number.

  • Turning Research into Practice (TRIP)

  • UnPaywall
    This is an open database of free, scholarly articles. Content comes from legal sources including repositories run by universities, governments, and scholarly societies, as well as open content hosted by publishers themselves.

  • New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)