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Watch the incredible story of how a machine saved the life of one girl who almost died from what she thought was a case of the flu and get to know the world-renowned cardiac surgeons behind the program that is already being called the "Best in the West" at Community Regional Medical Center.



  • Fresno Police Officers reunite with baby boy they helped deliver 

    Posted 06/07/2017

    Officers Erik Sanders and Jeremy Demoss were nearing the end of their shift early Sunday morning when a frantic dad with his wife in labor pulled up near their patrol car and yelled for help.

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  • The woman who saves hundreds of babies turns to Fresno bariatric expert to save her life 

    Posted 04/04/2017

    Debbe Magnusen, founder of Project Cuddle, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit dedicated to saving babies’ lives, turned to Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital to save her own life.   Magnusen’s Project Cuddle is well-known in Hollywood circles and among Oprah Winfrey show watchers for...

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  • Matching the right patient to the right records with ‘eyeprint’ technology 

    Posted 03/29/2017

    Community Medical Centers is rolling out a new software system this month that uses "eyeprint" technology to enhance patient safety. RightPatient software integrates with Community’s electronic medical record system and uses a patient's unique iris pattern, or eyeprint, to quickly...

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Community at Work

  • CyberKnife upgraded to improve lung cancer treatment


    The CyberKnife® system at Community Regional’s Charles & Ann Matoian Oncology Unit, was upgraded in October to enhance treatment for early-stage lung cancer patients. The addition of a “Lung Optimizing Treatment” means most lung cases can be treated without needing invasive...

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  • Speeding cures for lung cancer


    Nearly 37 years of cigarette smoking finally caught up with Barbara Hernandez, 67. A routine CT scan before minor surgery for a deviated septum showed an orange-sized mass growing in her right lung.

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  • Home visits reduces ER visits for those with chronic lung problems


    One simple home visit by a health team to patients with severe asthma and pulmonary disease to check on why they keep missing doctors' appointments significantly improved their inhaler use and helped reduce emergency visits by 40%. The effort is part of Community Regional Medical Centers / UCSF...

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  • A small beginning with a big ending


    Ryan and Aimee Ledger will never forget Sept. 3, 2014. That day, the new parents welcomed their 1 lbs. 6 oz. son Ethan, born 14 weeks early at Community Regional Medical Center. And after 33 days of fighting for his life and overcoming many obstacles in the hospital’s Level 3 NICU, he passed...

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  • Investing in healthier futures


    Caring for Central Valley families requires more than just medical care. It means investing to attract the brightest medical minds, to expand horizons for children and to enhance support for patients. Last year, Community Medical Centers provided $214 million in uncompensated care, medical education...

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  • School partnership encourages an early interest in health


    Community Regional Medical Centers partnered with Birney Elementary School to get kids moving, reading and dreaming. Over the past two years, the hospital has donated sports equipment, books and academic incentives, and sponsored a field trip to expose students to healthcare careers.   Birney...

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