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  • What not to expect when you’re expecting 

    Posted 01/05/2017

    You have probably heard the saying, “All good things come in threes.” But what happens when those three things come all at once as in triplet babies? For parents Aaron and Natalie Blankenship, it has been a rollercoaster going from a family of three to a family of six in what feels like...

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  • Community and local ag leaders team up for medical mission to Jordan 

    Posted 12/20/2016

    Community Medical Centers teamed up with the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation to donate and transport more than $200,000 in medical equipment and supplies to Jordan, which has taken in the majority of Syrian refugees from the war there.

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  • Respiratory practices help preemies stay off ventilators, breathe better for life 

    Posted 12/09/2016

    Tiny Maria Perez stretches out in her neonatal intensive care (NICU) incubator, arms overhead, as if she’s enjoying her massage and breathing therapy. Born 17 weeks too early and weighing only 1.18 lbs. on Aug. 18 at Community Regional Medical Center, Maria gets an innovative treatment that uses...

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Community at Work

  • CyberKnife upgraded to improve lung cancer treatment


    The CyberKnife® system at Community Regional’s Charles & Ann Matoian Oncology Unit, was upgraded in October to enhance treatment for early-stage lung cancer patients. The addition of a “Lung Optimizing Treatment” means most lung cases can be treated without needing invasive...

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  • Speeding cures for lung cancer


    Nearly 37 years of cigarette smoking finally caught up with Barbara Hernandez, 67. A routine CT scan before minor surgery for a deviated septum showed an orange-sized mass growing in her right lung.

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  • Home visits reduces ER visits for those with chronic lung problems


    One simple home visit by a health team to patients with severe asthma and pulmonary disease to check on why they keep missing doctors' appointments significantly improved their inhaler use and helped reduce emergency visits by 40%. The effort is part of Community Regional Medical Centers / UCSF...

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  • A small beginning with a big ending


    Ryan and Aimee Ledger will never forget Sept. 3, 2014. That day, the new parents welcomed their 1 lbs. 6 oz. son Ethan, born 14 weeks early at Community Regional Medical Center. And after 33 days of fighting for his life and overcoming many obstacles in the hospital’s Level 3 NICU, he passed...

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