Meet Our Residents


Aashu PatelAashu Patel 

Practice Site: Clovis Community Medical Center

Pharmacy School: MCPHS University — Boston

Hometown: Milford, CT

Why I chose Community Medical Centers at Community Regional Medical Center and Clovis Community Medical Center: I chose Community Medical Centers as my residency program because of their dedication to teaching students and residents. Clovis Community offers the flexibility of numerous rotation sites to tailor to my interests and ensure clinical growth. A few characteristics that distinguish Community Medical Centers are that Community Regional Medical Center is the only level 1 trauma center in the Central Valley, whereas Clovis Community Medical Center is a community hospital that has been awarded the “Best Hospital” award by The Fresno Bee for 8 years in a row! This allows for a well-rounded training experience that creates versatile pharmacists, and guarantees professional growth.
Obtaining a teaching certificate and student preceptorship is important to me because of my innate enthusiasm for teaching others and sharing my knowledge. Pharmacy Residents at Community Medical Centers have many opportunities to participate in a layered learning environment (Pharmacist, Resident, Student) and pursue a teaching certificate offered through the University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy. One of my favorite things about Community Medical Centers is its heartwarming and welcoming community. Community Medical Centers has made transitioning from Connecticut to California incredibly effortless by immediately making me feel like a part of their family!

Professional Interests: Internal Medicine and Critical Care

Hobbies: Spending quality time with my friends and family, drinking coffee, playing basketball, and sight-seeing!


Shengxi SunShengxi Sun 

Practice Site: Community Regional Medical Center

Pharmacy School: UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Why I chose Community Medical Centers at Community Regional Medical Center and Clovis Community Medical Center: Although I was not able to visit Community Medical Centers in person prior to pharmacy residency due to the impact of COVID-19, the faculties and residents made me feel welcomed in the virtual open house session. This pleasant encounter inspired me to explore more about this program and its supportive culture.
As the only level 1 trauma center in Central Valley, Community Regional impressed me with its broad range of acute care rotations and the potential opportunities to precept students and achieve teaching certificates. I believed that Community Regional would be a great place that could balance both medical education and personal growth, while I would thrive as a pharmacist and a human being.
As a first-generation immigrant, I have always been passionate about cultivating clinical knowledge and skills to better serve the community. Therefore, I chose Community Regional which perfectly aligned with my desire to collaborate with multidisciplinary healthcare professionals and serve diverse populations by providing optimal patient-centered care.

Professional Interests: Infectious Disease and Critical Care

Hobbies: Cooking, sketching, playing piano, and traveling.