New MyChart Features Have Arrived

  1. Proxy users are now notified when they gain access to Bedside in MyChart Mobile (which happens automatically when the patient is admitted).
Bedside in MyChart
  1. MyChart has ended support for Internet Explorer. All patients must access MyChart either through the mobile app or using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

MyChart Access

Get Healthcare at a Glance with MyChart for Apple Watch 

The MyChart app for Apple Watch has been completely redesigned to help patients manage their healthcare at a glance, right from their wrists. The new app shows the same health feed patients see in the MyChart app on their mobile devices, so they can quickly review the most important information for themselves and their family members.

When a patient taps a health feed item, Apple Handoff takes them to the MyChart app on their mobile device where they can view additional details without needing to enter a PIN or separate login.

MyChart Apple Watch link



MyChart Apple Watch link

Change Your Shortcuts

To make sure they have easy access to the features they use most, patients can now choose which shortcuts appear at the top of the screen in MyChart. To access the "Change Your Shortcuts" page, you can:

  • Select "Change Your Shortcuts" from the account settings section of the MyChart menu.
  • Select "Change Your Shortcuts" from the switch menu (the menu with the patient's name and photo on the MyChart website.)
  • Go to the "Personalize" activity under account settings in the MyChart mobile app and tap the "Change Shortcuts" link.

From here, you can choose any menu option available to replace an existing shortcut. The shortcuts patients select can replace the default shortcuts used in MyChart and any shortcuts defined by your organization, as described in the "Configure Shortcuts" topic. If a patient has multiple MyChart accounts, they can select different shortcuts for each account.

Proxies can also change the shortcuts that appear for a patient to whom they have proxy access by going to the "Change Your Shortcuts" page in proxy context. The shortcuts the proxy selects for the patient appear only in proxy context, while any shortcuts that are defined for the proxy herself remain the same, as do the shortcuts the patient sees when they log in to their own record.

Communications Preferences

"Communication Preferences" is now available in the MyChart mobile app (previously only available on the website.)


An Opportunity to Shape the Future of Healthcare!

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