Providers may send a referral to one of our pulmonary function testing laboratories in two ways.

Epic Electronic Medical Record

Referring from an ambulatory facility
Referral entry guide
Helpline: (559) 490-1680

Referring from a Community Medical Centers hospital campus
Helpline: (559) 459-3771

Faxing a Patient Referral Form

Community Regional Medical Center and Clovis Community Medical Center 

Referral Form 
Phone: (559) 459-3947
Fax: (559) 459-2083

Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital

Referral Form 
Phone: (559) 433-8001
Fax: (559) 433-2369
If you have any questions about patient referral, please call us at the numbers above between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.