Keeping you safe and preventing traumatic injury is one of our most important goals at Community Medical Centers. In 2017, we treated 4,067 adults and 135 kids in our Level 1 (highest level) trauma center. And while we’re dedicated to providing lifesaving care, we’re even more passionate about preventing unintentional injuries and deaths.


The team at the Table Mountain Rancheria Trauma Center provides injury prevention programs for the entire Central Valley. Our outreach programs focus on prevention, education and intervention in a variety of areas. Preventing falls, distracted driving and how to help prevent blood loss in case of injury are just some topics we cover through free courses and distributing information in the community.

Our trauma prevention activities are managed by our injury prevention outreach specialist. 
These programs involve clinicians from across specialties. We also measure outcomes to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs. Our goal is to keep you safe, healthy and injury-free.