The Community Medical Centers Healthcare Network - Central California

Asthma Education and Management Program

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that makes breathing difficult because your airways become inflamed. Avoiding asthma triggers, taking medications to prevent symptoms and preparing to treat asthma episodes if they occur is the best way to manage the condition.

One in five people in Fresno County have asthma. The outpatient Asthma Education and Management Program at Community Regional Medical Center plays an important role in helping patients and their families achieve long-term control and management of their asthma symptoms.

This valuable service aims to improve quality of life by increasing knowledge about asthma to reduce symptoms and emergency department visits.

During educational visits, patients and families learn what asthma is, the difference between rescue and preventative medications and how to properly take the medication prescribed. Self-management techniques are also taught and asthma action plans are outlined during program visits.

Patients and families are also taught to look for asthma triggers, such as pets, mold, or proximity to highways or dusty farm fields. How to avoid or minimize these triggers is another advantage to the asthma program.