Tuesday, November 29, 2016 5:05 PM

The Dinner Club challenge

Hey all! Its Claire again. Well, our Dinner Club has successfully completed our third event at Terry’s House and it was a huge success! If you are just tuning in, see my last blog here.  
This time of year is one for making memories and spending time with loved ones – but it can be hard when someone you love is in the hospital. Thanks to the generous donation from Kim and Nick Rocca, we were able to provide a little holiday joy to Terry’s House families by giving pumpkins for them to decorate and partake in the fall tradition. We were also able to purchase a dozen lasagnas and two crock pots for the house to enjoy with the donations we collected in the community.   
A lot of you might be asking, “How do you have time for that?” Well, Terry’s House is able tailor our giving to what is easy for us. Our group of Millennials are all starting new families and Terry’s House does not have an age requirement for volunteers. So, we packed up the kids along with us and hopefully when they grow up, they will be inspired to give back too.


Terry’s House guests decorating their pumpkins provided by the dinner club.
It was truly wonderful to include the children in our event. We dropped off our goodies and headed back to a friend’s house for the remainder of the evening. It was another successful evening spent with friends making memories and making a difference. 
As we move forward into this exciting and busy time of year, think about what it means for a family to be experiencing crisis during this supposedly joyous time of year.  Think about what a simple act of kindness may mean to someone who has a loved one in critical care. Our lives become hectic these next few months but tragedy does not stop for the holiday season.  Thus, I encourage and challenge you all to take a moment to think about Terry`s House this holiday season.  And remember kindness doesn’t cost a thing.
Peace and joy to you all. See you next year!
- Claire Meredith