The Community Medical Centers Board of Trustees is a 15-member group made up of community volunteers who have expertise in a variety of industries and professions. Trustees serve three-year terms and may be reappointed for up to four consecutive terms.

The Board is responsible for ensuring Community's mission and vision are clearly articulated, reflected in policy, and carried out to the extent that resources allow.


Farid Assemi

Roger Sturdevant

Susan Abundis

black silhouette of a womanLori Bennett 
Ronald Bierma, M.D.

Keith Boone, M.D.

Jerry Cook

Greg Estep
Amir Fathi, M.D.Amir Fathi, M.D. 
Wagih Ibrahim, M.D.
 Karen McCaffrey

John McGregor, Esquire

male silhouetteJoshua Peterson 

Ruth Quinto

Chandrasekar Venugopal, M.D.