Friday, April 6, 2018 12:00 AM

Community continues unwavering commitment to address Valley needs

Last year Community Medical Centers provided a record $225.4 million in community benefit investment in the region. The healthcare system spent 15% of its total operating expenses on education, uncompensated care for vulnerable populations and outreach to help create a healthier community. By comparison California’s other non-profit hospitals spend an average of 8.8% on similar community benefit work.
As a requirement of non-profit status, hospitals must give back a portion of their operating expenses to the communities they serve. For Community, the bulk of that investment -- $45.6 million last year – goes to medical education.
In a region with severe shortages of medical professionals and the lowest doctor-to-patient ratio in the California, Community is the largest provider of clinical rotations, experiences, internships and preceptorships for nurses, sonographers, physical therapists and respiratory care practitioners. More than 1,300 nursing students and allied health professionals did their clinical training in Community hospitals and clinics last year.
Community also serves as a training ground for physicians and post-graduate pharmacy and dental residencies.
A 43-year partnership with one of the nation’s top rated medical schools has brought expert faculty doctors, specialists and research to the Valley. The University of California, San Francisco’s medical education program trains 300 residents and fellows annually at Community’s hospitals and clinics. Half of those UCSF Fresno graduates have stayed to set up medical practices locally over the last 17 years.