Wednesday, October 1, 2014 5:31 PM

A Precious Note

I have the privilege of receiving hand written notes from grateful patients on a regular basis. The overarching message in each one is of appreciation for the great care they experienced. Comments range from very brief to more elaborate and all are very touching in their own way.

Recently, I was especially warmed by a note from a gentleman who had received care here. It was obvious that he was weak and frail as the writing was most strained and showed signs of a trembling hand. The words were simple but profound and expressed a hearty gratitude for the care he had received.

I decided to call him and acknowledge his effort...what a blessing it was speaking to this person...his voice was as shaky as his handwriting, but there was a distinct tone of excitement in it when I told him how important his message was and that I would be sharing it with the staff...oh, how he seemed to ignite and become quite excited about the conversation; he said "you made my day!"-I responded: "And how you've made mine!". We both laughed, exchanged a few more pleasantries, and finally wished each other well.

Now that's why we're here...just when you think that you cannot stand hearing another complaint or concern, times like these help minimize the inevitable unhappy customer. I actually welcome constructive criticism as it does help us actively reflect on improving the situation for the future, but I prefer the accolades instead! LOL!