Community Medical Centers is a private, not-for-profit healthcare network based in Fresno, California. We're led by local leaders and physicians focused on addressing the diverse needs and issues of central California. As the leading healthcare provider in the Central San Joaquin Valley, Community cares for more people in the region than any other.

Community operates four hospitals, a cancer institute and several long-term care, outpatient and other healthcare facilities.

Our mission is two-fold — to improve the health status of the community and promote medical education.

That means regardless of income level or social demographics, we provide top notch care to support the health and well-being of those in need.

We partner with UCSF — one of the world's top three medical schools and recruit physicians from around the country and world to bring you new specialties and treatments. By creating an environment of innovation and adding advanced medical technologies to our repertoire, we assure the care you receive from the Community Medical Centers healthcare network will continue to be second-to-none.