The Mother’s Resource Center at Community Regional Medical Center offers a variety of breastfeeding and parent education classes to assist you on your journey through parenthood.


Breastfeeding Support

After your delivery and during your postpartum hospital stay, you have the option of receiving private bedside breastfeeding education and assistance from one of our lactation specialists.

Once you leave the hospital, if you find that you would like assistance with breastfeeding, you can make an appointment with a lactation consultant at the Mother’s Resource Center for private breastfeeding advice and support. A $45 fee is due at the time of the first consultation. Follow-up consultations are $15 each. Special consideration will be given for those who can't afford this service.

Center for Breastfeeding Medicine

If you or your baby has a medical condition related to breastfeeding, you may be referred to the Center for Breastfeeding Medicine on the campus of Community Regional Medical Center. The center is a physician-staffed service to diagnose, treat and manage complicated breastfeeding problems not easily addressed by primary care providers. It's available by referral from a lactation consultant or another physician/office and by appointment only.

Breastfeeding Products

The Mother’s Resource Center also has a variety of breastfeeding products available for purchase. Among them, breast pumps for rent or purchase, baby weigh scales, breastfeeding apparel, pillows and many other supplies.

Although the Mother’s Resource Center consultations, classes and supplies/equipment are not covered by insurance, the Internal Revenue Service allows for reimbursement through either a flexible spending plan or a health savings account.

Online Educational Tools

If you’re already a parent or if you’re expecting, you can get easy access to important educational information and tools anytime, anywhere right from your computer, tablet or smart phone. You can track and share important information like baby’s feeding times, diaper changes, breast milk pumping amounts, measurements, immunizations and more.


Maternity Tours

When you schedule a tour of the Community Family Birth Center at Community Regional it includes a presentation with information on birthing options, labor and delivery areas, admitting, the special care nursery and postpartum department. This tour is designed for adults. Children are not allowed on this tour. To schedule a maternity tour, please call (559) 459-2423.

Milk Bank

Find out how you can help save a life by donating extra breast milk to our milk bank. Call (559) 459-6288.


There is a $25 fee for each private, one-hour class. Group breastfeeding classes are free. Call (559) 459-2423 to register for the following classes offered at the Mother’s Resource Center:

First-time breastfeeding moms or moms looking for a refresher on the basics of breastfeeding can find it in this class. Both private (individual) and group classes are available. Call (559) 459-2423 to schedule. Para servicio en Español, favor de llamar (559) 459-4377.

This class is geared for moms who are returning to work. Among other topics, this class covers how to schedule feedings, breast milk storage and caregiver roles. Private (individual) class only. Call (559) 459-2423 to schedule.

An individually-tailored class for moms who expect to deliver twins, triplets, etc. and/or an infant with special feeding needs. Private (individual) class only. Call (559) 459-2423 to schedule.

Available Classes and Clubs:

The following classes are open to all Community Medical Centers’ patients. To register call (559) 459-2423.

Every Friday from 1 to 3 p.m.

Located: Lactation consultants will come to you as you're visiting your baby in the NICU.

This free club provides support to the mom with an infant admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), whether mom is pumping her breast milk or feeding at the breast. This club supports mom until she and/or baby are discharged and home together.

The third Wednesday of every month from 10 to 11 a.m.

Located at Lighthouse for Children Community Learning Center
2405 Tulare St., Suite 201
Fresno, CA

This free club is a postpartum resource/support network for all breastfeeding moms. Call (559) 459-2423.