The Leon S. Peters Rehabilitation Center, located inside Community Regional, is an inpatient rehabilitation facility providing 24-hour nursing, physical, occupational, recreational and speech-language therapy to patients. Being a patient in the Peters Rehabilitation Center is the step between your hospital stay and going home. We're located within our Level 1 trauma center giving you access to all of the specialists and diagnostic equipment available at Community Regional throughout your stay.


All-Private Rooms

You'll find comfort and privacy in one of our all-private rooms during your stay at the Peters Rehabilitation Center. Our therapists will care for you in our spacious treatment areas designed and equipped to meet the intensive needs of patients who’ve had neurologic or orthopedic limitations.


Evaluation and Treatment Plan

After admission you get a thorough evaluation so we can develop a personalized treatment plan that gets your independence back as soon as possible.

Training and Education

two physical therapists help a mature woman walkHelping you reach your highest level of functional independence is our goal. We also train your caregivers so you can be discharged home safely. Your caregivers will be expected to participate in training and education so they are prepared to help you care for yourself at home.
Rehabilitation patients also participate in a structured day of individual or group therapy sessions to reach their rehabilitation goals. You must have the ability to participate, tolerate and benefit from a minimum of three hours of therapy a day, five days a week. Patient and family participation in the rehabilitation program is essential when working toward the goal of achieving the highest level of independence.

a healthcare worker pushes a man in a wheelchair down a hallwayPlanning for Discharge

As you prepare to go home we’ll help you schedule follow-up appointments and with getting the necessary medical equipment and accessibility adaptations.

You may require further treatment after being discharged. If so, you'll be referred to one of our specialized outpatient rehabilitation services or home health services.

Where We're Located within Community Regional Medical Center

From the main entrance: Take the elevator to the sixth floor. When getting off the elevator turn left. At the Leon S. Peters sculpture turn right and proceed down the hallway, following it around to the nurses station.

From valet parking: Take the elevator to the fourth floor. When getting off the elevator turn right, then make a left at the hallway intersection. After that, take your first right, then turn right again. Next, follow the hallway across to the sixth floor (you're now in what's called the 10-story building). Take the second right and follow it around to the nurses station on the right.