All in-person childbirth classes have been cancelled at this time due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) restrictions. For more information please call (559) 324-4938.

No matter where you choose to deliver your baby, we’ve developed tools to help you prepare. Using our FREE digital pregnancy tracker and educational tool, Yomingo, you can track and share important information like baby’s feeding times, diaper changes, breast milk pumping amounts, measurements, immunizations and more.
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We have a program to help new moms and babies overcome problems with breastfeeding. We also offer classes on a variety of related topics.

Prepared Childbirth - Virtual Series

Please join us for this video tour of our birthing facilities at Clovis Community Medical Center and Community Regional Medical Center.

This session will give you a clear outline of what needs to be done in registering at the Community Medical Centers' birthing center of your choice.

This session will give you a broad overview of what happens during labor and birth. You'll learn the common terms used at the hospital. You'll also discover the answers to questions like, “How do you know when to call the doctor and go to the hospital” or “What are the signs that you are in real labor and not false labor?”

In this session you'll learn about the three stages of labor and birth. You'll also gain insight on the physical changes happening to your body, how you'll feel, the importance of your labor coach and how that person can comfort and support you through each of the labor stages.

In this session you'll learn what causes the pain and discomfort of labor. You'll learn relaxation and breathing techniques, massage, and visualization. Positioning in labor will be explained through diagrams and demonstrations.

This session will have you practice along with the childbirth educator as she guides an actual pregnant couple. You can watch this session over and over as you prepare for your delivery.

This session will answer a lot of your questions on the interventions that can happen in the labor process. Topics such as monitors, IVs, inductions, epidurals, and medications.

This session will help you understand the reasons why a cesarean section might be necessary. You'll also learn what to expect during the procedure and why the hospital staff encourages skin-to-skin and time with your baby soon after delivery.

In this session you'll learn the changes in your body after the delivery and things you can do to help your recovery. There are so many emotions and questions you may have after having a baby.

In this session you'll learn about your newborn. There are a lot of unique physical characteristics present in the first few weeks of life. You'll learn common procedures in the hospital and how to care for your new bundle of joy.

The basics of how the breast produces milk, latching the baby onto the breast, and how to get breastfeeding started in the best manner possible will be emphasized. Come learn some techniques that will help you get started!

Register for Prepared Childbirth - Virtual Classes

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Please choose the Prepared Childbirth Virtual Series classes you’d like to take. After submitting your request, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address provided on the form. This email will include details of how to access the classes you’ve chosen.

Mother's Resource Center

The Mother’s Resource Center at Community Regional Medical Center offers a variety of services to help moms and babies struggling with breastfeeding. This center features the only board-certified lactation consultant in the region.
The Mother’s Resource Center is located on the Community Regional campus and is available to all Community patients.
Although these consultations, classes and supplies are not covered by insurance, you can receive reimbursement through either a flexible spending plan or a health savings account.

If you find that you would like assistance with breastfeeding after leaving the hospital, you can make an appointment with a lactation consultant at the Mother’s Resource Center for private breastfeeding advice and support.

A $45 fee is due at the time of the first consultation. Follow-up consultations are $15 each. Special consideration will be given for those who can't afford this service.

If you or your baby has a medical condition related to breastfeeding, you may be referred to the Center for Breastfeeding Medicine on the campus of Community Regional Medical Center. The center is a physician-staffed service to diagnose, treat and manage complicated breastfeeding problems not easily addressed by primary care providers.

It's available by referral from a lactation consultant or another physician/office and by appointment only.

Breastfeeding Classes

The following classes are open to all Community Medical Centers’ patients. There is a $25 fee for each private, one-hour class. Group breastfeeding classes are free. Call (559) 459-2423 to register for the following classes offered at the Mother’s Resource Center.

First-time breastfeeding moms or moms looking for a refresher on the basics of breastfeeding can find it in this class. Both private (individual) and group classes are available. Para servicio en Español, favor de llamar (559) 459-4377.

This class is geared for moms who are returning to work. Among other topics, this class covers how to schedule feedings, breast milk storage and caregiver roles. Private (individual) class only.

An individually-tailored class for moms who have delivered twins, triplets, etc. and/or delivered an infant with special feeding needs. Private (individual) class only.

Breastfeeding Products and Programs

And to all moms – regardless of where they give birth – the Mother’s Resource Center offers support and a variety of breastfeeding products. Breast pumps, baby weigh scales, breastfeeding apparel, pillows and many other supplies are available for purchase or rent at little-to-no-cost. We also offer all new moms access to the following programs:

This free club provides support to the mom with an infant admitted to the Community Regional Medical Center neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), whether mom is pumping her breast milk or feeding at the breast. This club supports mom until she and/or baby are discharged and home together.

When: Every Friday from 1 to 3 p.m.
Lactation consultants will come to you as you're visiting your baby in the NICU.

Find out how you can help save a life by donating extra breast milk to our milk bank. Call (559) 459-6288.

This free club is a postpartum resource/support network for all breastfeeding moms. Call (559) 459-2423.

When: The third Wednesday of every month from 10 to 11 a.m.

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