Terry’s House turns 10 in 2021!

Philanthropists, local leaders and community members like you built Terry’s House as a home away from home for families with loved ones in critical care at Community Regional Medical Center.

This very special house in Fresno – which is 100% funded by donor dollars – has helped 8,530 families from 34 countries and all 50 states.

Terry’s House serves as a beacon of light and hope, providing comfort during difficult times. It’s a place to rest and recharge before heading back to the hospital – to your spouse, or parent, or child, or whoever is waiting for you just across the street, so grateful that you are near.

You can help Terry’s House in a meaningful way. Make an anniversary gift, and half of your donation will benefit Terry’s House immediately.

The remainder will do something quite powerful: support the new Porch Light Endowment to provide an ongoing source of funding for this important haven.

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