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Community Behavioral Health Center

Throughout life, many factors affect our mental well-being. And whether a period of emotional distress is related to behavior, habit or external forces, Community Behavioral Health Center is an established source of help for those in need of acute psychiatric care.

As the Valley's only inpatient mental health facility, Community Behavioral Health Center provides 24-hour care to patients based on their individual level of need. Voluntary admittance as well as nonambulatory patients capable of transferring themselves are both accepted.

We are unable to accept patients who are dependent, nonambulatory or are in need of acute medical attention.

Patient Services

  • Adult care

  • Group and individual therapy

  • Medication management

  • Recreation therapy

  • Other treatment modalities

Visiting Hours

6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.


Community Behavioral Health Center
7171 N. Cedar Avenue
CA 93720
(559) 449-8000