Thursday, June 16, 2016 7:39 PM

What is a “VAT" anyway?

Well…”Value Analysis Team” of course! Many may not know that there are teams working diligently to make sure we are prudent in looking at more responsible and efficient ways to provide care and all the while assuring good outcomes, quality, and service. It is especially important, as we head into our future of eroding revenues, inherent increases in the costs of doing business, and the need to spend dollars on very strategic and important investments, and most importantly, to continue taking care of our community, we’ve gotta be wise.
I am the chairperson for the steering committee that oversees all the teams and am so thankful for the commitment and willingness of staff and affiliated physicians to serve in an advisory capacity on the varying efforts. The teams cover these areas: Pharmacy, Lab, Cardio-imaging, Patient Care, Support Services, Sustainability, Peri-Operative, and “FIRM”- Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Materials Management.
The goal for reducing costs from last year to this year is a little north of $8 million dollars! Wow! This takes many minds and hearts to come up with ideas to appropriately reduce costs and then time and energy to renegotiate contracts, conduct pilots, get pertinent folks involved, work with vendors, and the buy-in to make changes…sometimes an easy task, and sometimes NOT!
The VATs would really appreciate any ideas you may have to help reduce costs and waste in our large and comprehensive system where it takes about $3 million dollars a day to provide the crucial services you are a part of. The chairs of the committees or myself would really appreciate hearing from you: Abaid Rahman, Hap Morrissey, Kristin Niemi, Mason Mathews, Stan Zulewski, Susan Sample, Drenda Montgomery, and Rich Cummins. Others you are welcome to give a shout out to: Mark Hall and Lucky Malhi-Materials Management representatives, Debbie Moffett from Finance, and Laurie Gallegos in Contract Management.
Wanda Holderman, F.A.C.H.E.
Chief Clinical Integration Officer
Community Medical Centers