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Wednesday, May 4, 2022 10:34 AM

Top nurses recognized for leadership, mentoring and improving care

Working at Community

Since 1997, the Central San Joaquin Valley Nursing Leadership Coalition has honored top professionals in the region during its RN of the Year awards. 

Community Health System has nominated four of our exceptional registered nurses (RNs), for the May 5 awards in four categories: Excellence in Clinical Practice, Excellence in Education, Excellence in Leadership and Excellence in Professional Nursing.

Meet Community’s top RNs of the Year for 2022

These nurses are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the nursing profession. Their everyday leadership has helped advance the profession through mentorship and innovative ideas to improve patient care.

Excellence in Clinical Practice

This award is given to recognize, document and communicate best practices in clinical nursing. 

Michele Santoyo

Michele Santoyo, clinical nurse in OB triage at Community Regional Medical Center

Michele has a passion and commitment to nursing excellence that she demonstrates and shares with student nurses, new nurses and new physicians. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else caring for the mothers and newborns of our Community!” she tells her students. Patients, in turn, appreciate her passion. While holding her extremely premature baby who had just passed away, one mother told Michele, “I think you are an angel caring for me and my baby, thank you…”.

Excellence in Education

This award is given to recognize, document and communicate best practices in education.

Miranda Fulbright

Miranda Fulbright, clinical nurse educator at Clovis Community Medical Center

As a natural leader and mentor in her role as clinical nurse educator for the medical-surgical and oncology departments, Miranda uses innovative and creative approaches to encourage staff to grow both academically and professionally. Miranda has 11-plus years in nursing. She applies her expertise, knowledge, passion and dependability to continually raise the bar for how a clinical educator should perform, and how patient care should be delivered.

Excellence in Leadership

This award is given to recognize, document and communicate best practices in administration. 

Crystal Teague

Crystal Teague, director of surgical services at Community Regional Medical Center

Crystal epitomizes the idea that leadership is an action, not a position. Her actions throughout her time as Director of Surgical Services, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, have highlighted her commitment and dedication as a leader to her staff, physician partners and the community we serve. As challenging as the past two years have been, her staff praise her empathy and positive outlook, which inspires them to also look at the brighter side of things.

Excellence in Professional Nursing

This award is given to recognize, document and communicate innovations in the delivery of patient care. 

Tracy Noble-Martinez

Tracy Noble-Martinez, manager of patient relations at Community Medical Centers

Tracy Noble-Martinez is being recognized for her innovation and support of patient care, quality and safety through her combined roles in Physician Peer Review and Risk in the Quality/Risk Department. She’s committed to advancing the nursing profession as she analyzes patient records for trends that indicate best ways to treat various patients. Tracy is a tremendous asset to Community Health System.