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Friday, May 7, 2010 11:34 AM

Spine surgery helps man in pain


Frank Miramontes of Visalia was living with almost unbearable pain because of degenerative discs in his spine. Bone spurs on the discs added to his pain and he felt his quality of life was suffering when he was unable to work or get around.

The pain led him to neurosurgeon Adam Brant, who performed spine surgery that changed Miramontes’ life.

Miramontes is now doing much better. The pain in his arms is gone as is the tingling and numbness he once experienced.  He still needs to wear a neck brace, but is going back to physical therapy in the coming days where he hopes he can get rid of it.

“He is acting more like himself now,” said his wife, Amelia. “He still has a little bit of pain, but nothing like before.”

Miramontes was in his sister’s wedding two weeks ago and was able to be part of the ceremony. He did take his neck brace off while he went to the altar with her, but then put it right back on, Amelia said.

“I guess as we age the healing process takes a little longer,” Amelia said. “I truly believe that he is going to be fine. He should have had this done this a long time ago.”

Community Regional Medical Center's neurosciences "Center of Excellence" treats patients with a variety of spinal disorders and deformities. The 52-bed neuro floor is dedicaed to brain and spine patients and staffed with specialized physicians, rehabilitation therapists and nurses. As the only Level 1 trauma center between Los Angeles and Sacramento, Community Regional has a neurosurgeon on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This story was reported by Mary Lisa Russell. She can be reached at mrussell@communitymedical.org.