Friday, June 26, 2015 12:50 PM

Hearts Rang True for Terry’s House!

It was all chills last night when Community Regional Medical Centers’ very own Helen “Helldog” McNary, R.N., and her True Heart sisters, “Irish,” and “OG,” and many amazing volunteers of this year’s True Heart Mystery Ride presented a check of $7,500 to Terry’s House! That’s $2,000 more raised than last year’s True Heart Ride! WOW!

Participants gathered the morning of June 13 to register for the True Heart Mystery Ride and spend a little time at Terry’s House before they revved their engines and took off for a fun-filled day. Riders spent the day traveling from stop to stop learning where they were headed next, as they arrived at each secret destination – hence the event title: “Mystery Ride." Throughout the day, participants pulled a poker card at each destination and later in the day those with the best and worst hand went home with a prize. 

Speaking of prizes … the end "mystery" stop was full of them! First, it started with the auction of three mega-items which brought in $300, then about 100 items were raffled off brining in nearly $1,000! On top of all that, a separate raffle took place for a beautiful handmade king-sized Unity-V quilt made by Helen “Helldog” McNary, R.N. which raised $1,365 alone. All together, totaling nearly $2,700 – helping True Heart reach the total dollars raised of $7,500!


The most special “prize” of all was when riders opened their hearts to some amazing Terry’s House families who have loved ones at the Leon S. Peters Burn Center at Community Regional. Gina Espinoza, Kayla Lawhon and Ed “Buzz” Winship joined riders for a homemade lunch and celebration at the very last stop.

All in all, there was incredible comradery between all the riders who were all here for one-reason – Terry’s House families! We thank each and every one of you who participated. And, thank you to all who donated the raffle prizes and the businesses who hosted us at each stop throughout the Valley. As the beneficiary of this wonderful event, we are not only grateful for the incredible generosity from all the riders, but for all of the man hours, sweat and love that went into planning this day-long event! Thank YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

With many, many thanks!

Christa Short, Director
Terry's House

P.S. I’d like to give a very special recognition to Helen “Helldog” McNary, R.N. for all of countless hours she and her amazing nursing teams dedicate to our families’ loved ones at Community Regional. Helen calls Terry’s House her “labor-of-love,” and we certainly love her for taking care of us year-after-year!

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