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Tuesday, May 31, 2022 1:53 PM

Be your own healthcare advocate with MyHealthMate 

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We manage so much of our lives through our smartphones, from bank accounts and credit cards to appointments and grocery shopping. Why not our healthcare?

Community Health System’s new mobile app, MyHealthMate, lets you manage your healthcare from your smartphone. “Being able to give our patients and their families access to the tools and information they need to live a healthy life is so important,” said Dr. Bonnie Her of Community Primary Care – Halifax. 

“MyHealthMate makes it easy. It’s convenient for the patient and they can keep me, as their doctor, informed without having to take time from their busy schedule to come into the office,” Her said.

That’s because the free app allows you to access your MyChart health information and communicate with your care team — plus navigate Community’s online health system and services — all in one convenient place.

Pay from your phone

More than 65,000 patients use MyChart, Community’s patient records system, to view their healthcare records each month. With the MyHealthMate app, in addition to your records, you can receive alerts on Community's news and events, and access a trustworthy health library with more than 1,000 educational articles.
Pregnant woman looks at her cellphone
With the MyHealthMate mobile app, you can also:

  • Learn about our hospital system and service lines

  • Access campus maps, patient registration information and more

  • Pay bills

Lab results and medication

The app provides fast and private access to personal health information without having to call your doctor’s office.
Through the MyHealthMate app, you can get lab results, view your diagnosis, find a list of current medications and see your immunization record. You can set appointments or view details of past appointments, plus access healthcare information and news so you’ll be up-to-date and ready to meet with your health team. 
The app puts you in direct touch with your care team so you can request prescription refills from participating providers, and securely and confidently communicate with your primary doctor's office and other specialists. 
You can also read after-visit summaries and send any follow-up questions you have.

Pregnancy milestones

Expectant parents can access special resources to guide you along your pregnancy journey, including pre-registering for baby’s delivery, taking virtual parenting classes, learning about lactation support services at the Mother’s Resource Center and checking “I’m here” when you arrive for delivery (currently at Clovis Community Medical Center only).

Your family’s health

The MyHealthMate app simplifies healthcare not only for you but your entire family. You can link your family’s health records and communicate with healthcare providers to set appointments and ask questions.
For patients at Clovis Community, the app offers “eCheck-in” to expedite the registration process and “eSigning” to add your signature to registration paperwork. This may be especially helpful for busy parents bringing in young children. You can also schedule outpatient lab tests and diagnostic x-rays. 

Try MyHealthMate for yourself

To download the app and see for yourself, visit the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android).

If you need assistance with the MyHealthMate app, please call (559) 459-4142 or visit our website for more information.