Saturday, May 10, 2014 7:53 PM

Running Out of Gas

Well, if "Little E" can do it (yesterday, March 9th) and not get too upset about it, then I shouldn't either!

It's my own darn fault for pushing the limits and trying to calculate the risk. Oh, and I passed a couple of gas stations along the way but was too much in a hurry to stop for maybe 5 minutes and at least put a few bucks in. I'm sure many can relate to the story...why do I do this? Why do I put myself in that situation? Adventurous, daring, thrill-seeking, audacious, carefree, and venturesome? Not really; just a little unwise perhaps.

It makes me think of other times in my life where I've intended on a certain outcome, headed in a particular direction, and then became too hurried to act prudently. I need to follow the admonition I give others regularly, and that's to "slow down". I know, there are many occasions in healthcare where you simply cannot take your time with an emergent decision, but there are often situations where the privilege of time does, I believe, benefit a final determination.

Ole' Benjamin Franklin's saying about "haste makes waste" really rings true because I sometimes rush into something without proper planning, then spend more time, energy, resources, and then unfortunately overlook some important considerations because I was in too dang much of a hurry!

Slow down (when ya can)'s a "good thing."