Friday, October 7, 2016 5:32 PM

Regional's Rockstars

Nurses and PCA’s from Medical Surgical Services 2C and 2E
We would like to highlight some of the wonderful compliments our staff members are receiving through the GetWellNetwork (our interactive patient care system.) Patients are very happy with their care and we’re taking notice!

The staff in Medical Surgical Services (Med. Surg.) 2C and 2E should be very proud of the excellent care they’re giving daily to patients. It isn’t often that almost every staff member gets named “the best,” but for those in Med Surg 2C and 2E it’s a common occurrence.

One patient wrote,

I vote for Ying for best nurse. The PA and male doctor were amazing!

Another patient commented,

The nurses, doctors, and PCAs are all terrific. Tarisha and Khanya are very good plus, Emma has been very helpful  — Thank you so much. The supervisors and managers are very attentive. Thank you Kam, Stephanie and Gurpreet.

You bring smiles to our patients' faces. Your compassionate care touches their heart and eases their worries and pain.
One patient in particular wrote,

I want to give thanks to all the staff who have brought me smiles as well as listening to a few of my stories. It really does not matter where we are all from, because your smiles carry me through the hurt I have inside. I really do appreciate them.

It’s that simple - a smile is the ultimate face of diversity and warms the heart.

Another patient wrote,

I really enjoy Sharon, my PCA. She is very compassionate and caring. Always a smile with each visit.

Let’s keep smiling 2C and 2E! Thank you for caring so deeply for our patients. You are doing an excellent job and we couldn’t be more proud to have you all as part of our team.

Craig Wagoner
Community Regional Medical Center