Friday, April 5, 2019 2:16 PM

Why You Should Consider a Career as a Home Health Nurse

With the increasing number of seniors living in their homes longer, the demand for home health nurses has never been greater. While the job security and competitive salaries are attractive, there are many other reasons to consider this field of nursing.
Home health nurses provide services to patients in the comfort of their homes, offering a welcome alternative to frequent and prolonged hospital stays. They offer a full continuum of care – everything from wound care and medication management to home infusion services and monitoring the general health of the patient.

Four Reasons to Consider Becoming a Home Health Nurse

A personally rewarding career

Most people choose the nursing field to make a difference in the lives of patients. Home health nurses find their work especially rewarding because they are healing their patient in the most comfortable setting: their home.
The one-on-one interaction for long periods of time builds personal bond with their patients. Nurses in the hospital may not have the opportunity to build those long-term relationships. As a home health nurse, you see the long-term results of your care and can enjoy the feeling of success that comes with it.

Create your own schedule & care decisions

Home health nurses travel from patient to patient each day and create their own schedules. They only have to make sure all of their patient visits are completed each day. This flexibility allows them to schedule time for personal appointments or other daytime activities that might be difficult for a nurse in a hospital setting.
When you’re with a patient, you are making the clinical choices. Home health nurses put their assessment and teaching skills to the test every day.

Be part of a team environment and supportive leaders

Home health nurses are an integral part of the patient care team and act as a liaison between Community Medical Centers and the community. A collaborative and supportive group of doctors, leadership and support staff work with these nurses to deliver the best possible care to patients.

You’ll never have a boring moment

You never know what the day will bring. A home health job provides a frequent change of setting, new cases and all the unique challenges that come with it. Home health nurses are more than a healthcare provider – but also a teacher, advocate, and many times, a friend.
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