Friday, May 2, 2014 7:49 PM

Reading Your Mind...

...well, almost.

I read a fascinating article about a procedure that was done recently at Wexner Medical Center; Ohio Sate University. Physicians implanted a microchip into the brain of a paralyzed patient and connected the chip by way of a port to a computer. The software program was developed to "decode" messages from the brain and then send the messages to strips of electrodes attached to areas on the patient in hopes of stimulating muscle fibers to cause movement...whoa!

There are also efforts at Universities all over the globe to further refine stem cell technology in hopes of "growing" viable spinal tissue in paralyzed individuals. In addition, there is ongoing research regarding placing electrodes directly into the spinal cord to allow for motor action...double whoa!

This is certainly hopeful stuff and must be very exciting for scientists, technicians, physicians, vendors, and of course patients and their significant others.

The "thought transmission" advancement may seem like an episode on the Sci-Fi network. I wonder what the future certainly is encouraging to observe.