Monday, August 17, 2015 11:32 AM

Priceless reaction of third Community Fitbit winner

Congratulations to the third Fitbit winner Anellyn Cayco! Anellyn works the night shift in the orthopedic unit at Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC). She was so caught off guard by our surprise visit she actually thought she was in trouble when seeing a man in a suit asking for her --even with the bouquet of balloons in hand. Her reaction caught on camera proves that and is quite entertaining.

I, and James Walker, VP of Employee Relations and Workforce Effectiveness both left with feelings of complete fulfillment. What a pleasure it is to see our employees react with such delight over a simple surprise recognition!

Ten Fitbits are being given away to employees who entered the Fitbit drawing during our pre-employee engagement survey educational activity. We asked employees to read an informational flier sharing achievements in not only patient care, but how their voice made a difference in the workplace over the past year. The Human Resources and Organizational Development teams were so pleased with the engagement of the 1,000 employees who participated, that they decided to reward more than one Fitbit to thank employees for their time, effort and feedback.

“All we asked in the Enter to Win a Fitbit drawing was that the employees took time to read the informational flier and provide one new thing they learned about their great workplace,” said James. Anellyn wrote that the one thing she learned is that she “needs to own responsibility of making herself healthy and active.” I liked that! And I can relate. I'm sure there are many employees who feel the same.

So I asked Anellyn what she’s not taking advantage of at Community to help her reach her wellness goals. And, again, her answer is relatable. “I’m missing out on one of the best things that CRMC offers employees – the free employee gym. I’m not currently taking advantage of it but I hear that a lot of my colleagues do. And seeing co-workers in a gym suit when I am about to go home is nice. I like seeing them pay attention to health and that our hospital is taking a big initiative to support us,” said Anellyn. “I was so happy to win a Fitbit and will now have more motivation to start getting active again. Thank you!”

Anellyn joins winners Irma Lorenzo in Finance and Marian Aranda at the Specialty Clinic in the Deran Koligian Ambulatory Care Center. Watch their surprises caught on camera:

Fitbit winner #1: Irma Lorenzo
Fitbit winner #2: Marian Aranda

Shannon Merritt
Senior Internal Communications Specialist
Community Medical Centers