Thursday, March 5, 2015 4:21 PM

Peeps, Peeps, and More Peeps!

It's that time of year again as we anticipate Spring, the time change, and of course our beloved Peeps! Agh! Personally-no thanks, can't stomach them...but I have family and friends who just LOVE them-have at it, you can have mine too.

I just read where they are coming out with a milk version of the marsh mellow candy....Regular, Chocolate, and Easter Egg, say it ain't so! Okay, Wanda, what is a peep blog doing on an intranet page about healthcare you say? Well, it just so happens, and a little known factoid, that marsh mellows-well, maybe I'm stretching this a bit-but did ya know that "althea officinalis" (marsh mellow) has a soothing affect on the kidneys that promotes diuresis (urination). It's good for a dry mouth, and can serve as an emollient for dry skin.

Some "herbalists" say that it is a remedy for 'hardening of the personality, inflexibility, hardheartedness, intolerance, and inability to feel one's emotions". Oh, and "hardening of the arteries"!

Soooo, if you are feeling a bit rigid, narrow-minded, insensitive, or unfeeling from time to time, just "pop a peep"....LOL...hehehehe.