Thursday, July 12, 2012 12:04 PM

Neuroscience blows my mind!

I just had the privilege to coordinate a videotaping of Brian Laird, a great friend who happens to be battling ALS – the same debilitating neuromuscular disease that Lou Gehrig died from.  While it is difficult to watch him decline physically, it is uplifting to help him plan and work toward a way to make things better for others who may have neurological disorders, brain tumors, spine injuries, strokes or other neurological issues.  Brian, his wife Jill, and their family and friends have come together to raise money in support of bringing a comprehensive world-class neuroscience center to downtown Fresno.  We already have some of it at Community Regional, but need to grow it, bolster it and bring in some other key pieces.  Such a Center will include critical programs and services in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Hospital Facilities.  Think about it… everyone of us knows someone with a neuro problem.  Stroke? Parkinson’s? Head injury? Severe headaches? Brain tumor? Or in my case… ALS.  Because of our plans, I have learned so much about the miracles that our talented physicians and staff have - and can do.  Frankly, it is mind-blowing.  I can’t wait to help make this needed Center a reality now and for generations to come.  Fresno deserves it!

Katie Zenovich, Executive Director, Community Medical Foundation