Wednesday, October 15, 2014 5:29 PM

My Husband is a Rather Non-Compliant Patient...

...he will not deny it and in fact will emphatically proclaim it.

Oh, do I have the stories...there was the one time where he cut off the boot portion of a leg cast and had to duck tape it back on because it compromised the integrity of the immobilization mechanism; then there was the time that staff instructed him to NOT gulp the fluids after a procedure, but he did it anyway, and guess what, he suffered some consequences, oh, and then there was the arm cast that was annoying him so he cut strategic holes in it to relieve the pressure. Just recently he was told to go home and relax for the remainder of the day after an intervention and instead, he rode his bicycle...he called me about an hour later and said "I'm not feeling so good"...Hmmm, what was I to say to that?

Now folks, here comes my confession about all of this...just recently he insisted that I remove stitches from an incision that was about 10 days old...I was indeed an accomplice!!! Three days later he saw the physician and oh boy...he was admonished to not do that again.

I'm sure staff and physicians in the healthcare industry have experienced non-compliance by a patient(s) at some point, even when you took great time and care to instruct otherwise. Hang in there, keep up the great care and attempts to make a difference for high quality outcomes. Guidance, and carefully communicated instructions do make a difference in the long run, even when you have a few outliers like my precious husband.