Friday, June 10, 2016 2:55 PM

Leading by example

Every year we ask our employees to fill out 10-minute survey to make sure we’re checking in on our goal to be the region’s employer of first choice. Employees know we analyze these carefully and each department takes their results and makes a plan to improve their own unique workplace annually. But what many of our employees don’t know is that our managers and directors fill out their own employee survey to let our very top leadership know how they feel we’re doing on that “employer of first choice” goal. It’s wonderful to see leaders like our pharmacy team doing their part to encourage the feedback that makes us an even better place to give and receive care.

Take a look at the email they sent out this morning. Talk about leading by example!

Good morning team! By now you have heard the buzz about the 2016 Employee Engagement survey. …We kicked off this past Monday, June 6th and we have three more weeks to go. 
Remember this is your time to share your thoughts on what’s going on, what you would like to see moving forward, and how we as a department can improve, grow, and better as a whole!  We wouldn’t ask you to take the time to complete the survey without us completing it first. 

So here we are…your Pharmacy Leadership team!  We completed the survey and are proud to be part of the “EN” crowd!!

We encourage each of you to complete the survey!  It takes about 10 minutes start to finish.  We will be tracking our results moving forwards to see our team progress. 

You know our favorite saying….GO TEAM GO!!!

So in the spirit of friendly competition. Which team will be next to finish and be part of the “EN” crowd?

Erin Kennedy
Sr. Communications Specialist
Corporate Communications