Tuesday, December 11, 2018 12:55 PM

Use These Ladder Safety Tips When Decorating For The Holidays

Climbing a ladder seems like a simple chore as you decorate for the holidays, but it could become a life-changing accident.  At Community Regional Medical Center last year, more than 175 people were hospitalized from ladder falls - several were permanently disabled. 

During the holiday, more people are using ladders than any other time of year - and they don’t always use them correctly. We spoke to Community Regional safety expert Eliana Troncale about how to stay safe while decking the halls. 

Troncale recommends hiring a professional trained on ladder safety, if possible.  But if you do choose to do your own decorating, follow these tips:

  • Find the right ladder for the job. Make sure it’s tall enough to reach your object. Don't use the top step or rung.  

  • Don’t lean away from the ladder to hang or adjust something.  Instead move the ladder as needed to each area you are working on. 

  • Place the ladder on a level ground surface. If you're on an uneven surface, place a board under the ladder feet to make it level.

  • Make sure the ladder is completely open or secure against the wall before you climb.

  • Don’t place a ladder on another object to gain additional height.

Troncale said it is important to be mindful while climbing or descending a ladder.  Wear appropriate shoes to help you keep from slipping and make sure you have a good hold on the ladder with your hands.

And last, but not least, stay off the ladder in bad weather!