Friday, June 5, 2015 4:07 PM

I Wish My Grand Babes Could Have Known My Dad

There are times where I long to see him, and oh how I miss him. He and I were kindred spirits. That's fascinating that we were so close because I am the fifth of six children, and yet he and I were the best of pals.

I have fond memories of him putting me on a tractor, putting it in first gear, and he instructing me to drive very straight while hopping on and off the attached trailer that held irrigation pipes; he would place one pipe every three rows to allow for the ditch irrigation system to properly hydrate the crops. He would take me on many errands to the farm equipment and supply stores. The vendor employees knew me well and had a special treat when we arrived. Another enjoyable trip would be to the local cafe at 4:30AM where all the local farmers gathered to have a hearty breakfast and black coffee.

Oh, and then there were the bonfire/hotdog roasts in the dry creek bed at certain times of the year. All the local families would come and we would stuff ourselves and then roast marshmallows to close out the evening. Occasionally, and at the end of cotton harvest, my Dad would hook up a trailer half full of cotton, the neighborhood kids would climb in and he would drive us around the farm while we jumped in the soft cotton to our hearts content.

He LOVED children and the laughter that was generated from many good times together. My two sons are so thankful to have known him before he passed, and they have very fond and comical stories about "Grandpa Turner". I know my grand babes would cherish him equally, and he them.

I'm certain there are precious ones in your life who are no longer here, but I hope you can latch tightly to the wonderful memories that will carry you through.