Tuesday, November 1, 2016 7:24 PM

Honoring the chaplains who care for patients, families and our employees

Community Regional Medical Center is proud to have a core of caring and compassionate Chaplains providing emotional and spiritual support to patients, families and to our own employees on a 24/7 basis.

Chaplains at Community Regional are trained to provide emotional and spiritual support in a non-judgmental and respectful way to all persons irrespective of their personal religious background. All patients, families and staff are encouraged in their own spirituality and religious practices.

Chaplains at Community Regional collaborate with the interdisciplinary care team to ensure that the patient’s culture, values and beliefs are taken into account in the care provided. Chaplains serve on the hospital ethics committee for non-decisional no surrogate patients.

Chaplains at Community Regional maintain a supply of religious resources that are made available to patients and others at no cost such as an assortment of daily devotional literature (Protestant and Catholic), Bibles, Qurans, Rosaries, and pamphlets on encouraging and uplifting themes, as well as cassette tape players and recordings of the Bible are available for the blind. A Chapel is maintained on the first floor hallway between the six-bank of elevators and the Cashiers windows. Grief Brochures are also available in English and Spanish for grieving families.

Chaplains at Community Regional provide one on one and group support to employees experiencing moments of crisis in the workplace. Debriefing sessions are facilitated for critical incidents. Emotional support is provided and memorial services are facilitated following an employee’s death.  Chaplains can officiate at marriages and funerals for patients and staff by request. Other religious/spiritual support is also available.

As part of Pastoral Care Week for 2016, the Chaplain Services of Community Regional hosted a luncheon for area chaplains on Tuesday, Oct. 18. Chaplains from St. Agnes Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Veterans Administration Hospital, Clovis Community Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of Central California, Hinds Hospice, Fresno Police Department, and St. Agnes Hospice and Community Regional Medical Center all came together to network and celebrate.  The theme of this year’s Pastoral Care Week celebration was Spiritual Resilience. Take a look below at a few photos from that event.

Rev. Grimaldo Enriquez
Chaplain Services Supervisor
Community Regional Medical Center


Rev. Steve Mounts – VA Chaplains
Chaplain Terrance  Good pasture –St Agnes
Chaplain Patty Roberts – St Agnes
Sister Rita Halam – St Agnes
Rev. David Klingensmith, St. Agnes Supervisor
Rev. Grimaldo Enriquez, CRMC Supervisor
Rev. Wade Estes, Supervisor Kaiser
Chaplain Sherry Knott - Community Regional (Center)
Rev. Keli Simmon - St. Agnes
Rev. Grimaldo Enriquez, Community Regional Supervisor
Robyn Gonzales - Community Regional Administrator
Rev. Robert Braize - Community Regional CPE Intern
Rev. Grimaldo Enriquez, Community Regional Supervisor
Chaplain margaret Carson - St. Agnes
Rev. Ki Do Ahn, CPE Supervisor
Rev. Terry Rommereim, Supervisor VA
David Shackelford - Children's Hospital
Paul Duncan - St. Agnes, CPE Intern (in back)
John Saethre - VA
Chaplain Cathleen Lawler - Hinds Hospice
Chaplain Conne Pulmano - Supervisor Hinds Hospice
Rev. Grimaldo Enriquez, Community Regional Supervisor
Rev. Grimaldo Enriquez, Community Regional Supervisor
Dr. Fawzi El-Sayed - Community Regional Chaplain
Mrs. Nana El-Sayed - Community Regional Chaplain
Kevin Llanos - FPD Chaplain Chaplain David Di Palma, Community Regional
Rev. David Klingensmith - St. Agnes
Chaplain Robert Spencer, Supervisor - Clovis Community Medical Center
Sister Emily Demuth - St. Agnes