Thursday, May 26, 2016 8:20 PM

Honoring employees for years of service

This year, over 120 employees were honored for their years of service at Community Medical Centers. Although the recent recognition event themed “A Night Under the Stars” didn’t truly break a twinkle through the cloud cover, the real stars shined brightly under the exquisitely decorated tent.

Employees ranging from one with 50 long and loyal years to those with two decades of contributions were honored for their dedication to Community at this annual event. The night was orchestrated and planned by the corporate HR team, hosted by various senior leaders and supported by many employees from site HR teams and Clovis Community’s famed catering and food service teams.

Although 50-year employee John Rangel, a Surgical Assistant at Community Regional, declined to do an interview, I couldn’t allow him to escape center stage too easily. Surgical Services Manager Julie Ely helped us gain some insight on this remarkable dedication.  “John doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon,” Julie said. “His response to the question about retirement was that he feels good, he likes working here, he learns something new every day and what would he do anyway…just sit at home? Nah.”

Julie told me: “John keeps his patients safe in ways such as always asking the same question when getting ready to transfer a patient from the operating room table to the bed: ‘All lines free and clear? Foley up? Bed locked?’ John reminds us not to get too comfortable and miss something that could have a negative outcome for the patient. John is giving too. He frequently brings the staff yummy treats from various restaurants in town. John always has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with.”

I especially loved what 40-year nurse Donna Young said about working at one place for all these years.  “There’s something to be said about longevity. And now-a-days, 5 and 10 years is considered a long career.  But when you stay in a place – when you move within your company rather between companies – you build up a camaraderie, a culture, and that leads to perseverance so in hard times you stick together. And that builds passion and devotion.”

Donna’s words are wise and spoken from the heart.

Donna also said “It’s been a wonderful career and I’ve built wonderful relationships.” That’s something I hear often from employees and as a seven year employee myself, I have to agree.  Just recently, during Hospital Week celebrations, I interviewed several employees who all referenced their co-workers as family and described their work environments as supportive. But what I found most interesting and very complementary to our employer, is how much our employees appreciate being appreciated. 

If I had to sum up Community Medical Centers in one sentence, I’d say we’re definitely an appreciative, supportive and growth-driven culture – one that certainly cares to be the employer of choice in our region.

To hear more from Donna Young and many others honored for their years of devotion to Community, watch this Community star-filled video and be inspired. 

Shannon Merritt
Sr. Internal Communications Specialist
Community Medical Centers