Wednesday, January 11, 2017 6:16 PM

Home is where the HOPE is

Cancer is CRUEL. Trauma is TRAGIC. Hospitals HEAL and Home is where the HOPE is.

We all experience illness and injury over the course of our lives. We have either battled something personally or we have been there to support someone we love who is going through an uncertain, stressful and often heart-wrenching journey - some of us more times than we’d like to remember or think about. But today, I am going to ask you to do just that.

When a loved one gets sick or injured, we can all remember “that” phone call, as if it happened yesterday. We can think back to the immediate onset of worry, confusion, stress and fear that followed. And, we remember the very moment we knew EXACTLY where we needed to be … where our loved ones was! No matter the DISTANCE. No matter the COST. NO MATTER WHAT.

Do you remember “that” moment? I do.

For many of us living here in Fresno and Clovis, we have the privilege and luxury of having a world-renowned healthcare system in Community Medical Centers right in our own backyard. This makes circumstances easier to manage when we, or someone we love, can receive incredible and often lifesaving healthcare, right here, close to home. Our journey is sometimes a little less stressful, a little less costly, a little more convenient and a whole lot more comfortable.

But, for many others living here in the Central Valley, this isn’t the case. And, “that” moment for an out-of-town family instantly becomes incredibly more complicated and scary. In a moment’s notice, life changes and a million questions flood their minds: Where will they be treated? When can I get there? How do I get there? Where will I stay? How will I afford it?

But thanks to the generosity of many donors, these questions, phone calls, and worries are followed with answers that have brought support, comfort and care over the past six years. Not only do we have Community Regional’s trauma center and expert healthcare professionals providing care across all service lines, Terry’s House has been available for thousands of out-of-town families. And, we have a team that works around the clock to hold the hands of patients and families as they’ve encounter journeys like these. Caregivers are CRUCIAL and this home-away-from-home helps keep them close when it matters most.

While I wish that all of our families can go home with a healthy, happy loved one – they don’t. Unexpected illnesses and traumatic, unexpected injuries remind us all that time with our loved ones is absolutely precious and priceless. Sometimes, for families like the Davidson’s, the final moments are what stands out the most and makes all the difference. Scott and Keriann reminds us that not only do we get to serve families from across the globe and send them home together, we get to ensure many have those special final moments to cherish. Both are possible simply because Terry’s House is here today. Every special element of this home, from the kitchen to the laundry room, to the pet-friendly room and children’s playroom are perfect reminders and reflections of YOUR generosity!

With your support, we are thrilled to celebrate six wonderful years today!

Please continue to give back and help us keep families together and make Home where the HOPE is far into the future.

Christa Short
Director, Terry’s House