Friday, August 28, 2015 11:31 AM

Community employee gives sweet kindness to ICU families

On Aug. 26, “Molly Day,” I had the pleasure of meeting Doug Griffin. Doug is the father of Molly Griffin, a young nurse who was killed in a Fresno car accident caused by a drunk driver in February. He started a movement of kindness that captured hearts of many around the Valley and even right here at Community Medical Centers.

Doug joined Jerry Dickerson, an employee of Community, in delivering donuts to families in our ICU waiting rooms at Community Regional Medical Center. Jerry, a close friend to the Griffin family chose to bring kindness to the families suffering and hurting for their sick, injured and dying loved ones because they were once right there in their place and knows how incredibly difficult it is to go through such a tragic time like this.

Jerry was also joined by his wife Leah and a family friend who recently lost her husband. The Fresno Bee got word of Jerry and Doug's planned meeting at Community Regional and showed up to capture their acts of kindness to help spread the infectious spirit of human kindness. View reporter John Walker&rsquos interview with Jerry.

What I witnessed that day was not only heart-warming but moving. What started out as an opportunity for me to capture a kind deed of a fellow co-worker and to accompany the reporter, turned out to be a time to put down the camera and join hands in prayer with a patient's family. The gathering with this family was really a special moment. They were so moved by Molly's story and the love and grace displayed by Doug and Jerry, that they surrounded Doug with love right back - hugging him as if they were no strangers. But that's not it. This is where Doug asked if he could pray for their mother and instantaneously hands were joining as comforting words were spoken, lifting up in prayer somebody's loved one he's never met.

It was a beautiful day and I was honored to be a part of such a special way to honor Molly Griffin. I feel blessed to work with such amazing people every day, like Jerry.  And, I thank Jerry for inspiring me and so many others. I chose to Live Like Molly that day by purchasing lunch for the person behind me in line at Subway. And, my husband and I decided to honor a special lady in our community that displays kindness to so many people in our community each day - and is rarely thanked for her work, volunteerism and loving acts. She'll be surprised with her flowers at her workplace.

Jerry chose to spread kindness in our workplace in the ICU where Molly's good friend who was with her in the accident spent several days recovering. He's not a doctor or nurse. He does not work around patients and families, but has a heart for people and chose to love on our patients' families and even some of our staff.  If you were a recipient of a kind deed on Molly Day, Aug. 26, or acted because you were moved to Live Like Molly, please share your moment with us in the comments section below or on our Facebook "Molly Day" post using the hashtag #LiveLikeMolly. The #LiveLikeMolly page is a collection of the random acts people have shared so the family can see how Molly Day has impacted others.

My hope is that people remember that touching lives through kindness is infectious and shouldn't stop with Molly Day! It's good for the heart, makes us happier people, slows aging, and builds and strengthens relationships. So, let's really live out kindness and Live Like Molly every day.

Shannon Merritt
Senior Internal Communications Specialist
Community Medical Centers

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