Thursday, May 5, 2016 5:29 PM

Clovis Community employees walk the red carpet

When Clovis Community Medical Center’s employees go above and beyond, they get to walk a red carpet, see their name up in lights and hear their praises sung with a Hollywood flourish. The 4th Annual Champions of Care Academy Awards were held in March at the Marcus Radin Conference Center to honor employees for their high-level of dedication to excellence. Over 160 people were in attendance for this Oscars-inspired evening including the 57 nominees, their guests and members of the leadership teams. 

This highly anticipated red carpet night recognizes all nominees and rewards the winners with a gold statuette among a dramatic flair of music and sound effects to create the ambiance of the known Hollywood affair. The ceremony was hosted by Service Excellence Manager, Michelle Serrato and Chief Operating Officer, John Kass. It sounds like a Hollywood A-lister event but that’s how they do it “the Clovis Way”.

“It’s fun to spend time with staff outside of the work environment,” said Serrato.  “Getting dressed up and meeting each other’s significant others, friends or family is something we all look forward to.  Staff are surprised and delighted to find out how much attention to detail is put into the event and everyone seems to really enjoy themselves.”

Of course, the most anticipated part of the evening is finding out who won. In true Oscars fashion, Serrato and Kass introduced each category, shared the nominee names, and with a suspenseful unveiling of the envelope, announced the winners. I think the best part of this process is hearing about each winner – and getting some fun facts to help remember them.

“Praise and recognition are essential to creating an outstanding workplace,” said Serrato. “Acknowledging people for their good work sends a powerful message to the recipient, their team and other employees. The Champions of Care Academy Awards is just one more way for us to thank employees for their commitment to quality and service excellence.”

Executives, directors, managers and supervisors are asked to submit their written nominations describing why their employee(s) are deserving of the award. The committee for Champions of Care – comprised of members from various disciplines and departments – review all of the nominations and narrow it down to three nominees per category.

Here are the 2016 nominees and winners for each category: 

Best Assistant Director: An employee who exemplifies leadership and impressive quality or customer service.

  • Adam Sheppard – Inpatient Physical Therapy
  • Mark Kessler – Nutrition and Dining
  • Melissa Perales – Materials Management (Winner)

Best Cameo Appearance: A per-diem or weekend employee who is vital to the operation of the system and their team.
  • Anna Tieche - Emergency
  • Kristen Freeland – Inpatient Physical Therapy
  • Elizabeth Vue – Case Management (Winner)

Best Comedy: An employee who keep spirits high and embraces life at work.
  • Annie Beltran – Med/Surg
  • Dylan Hanson - Emergency
  • Miguel Cisneros – Nutrition and Dining (Winner)

Best Director: A formal or informal leader who shows inspiration, fairness, directness, and approachability.
  • Lee Long – Human Resources
  • Rebecca Cardenas – Nurse Float
  • Hong Nguyen – Radin Breast Center (Winner)

Best Executive Producer: A leader with intimate knowledge of day-to-day operations who plays a key role in representing the hospital; within the corporation and the community.
  • Bonnie Brock - Informatics
  • Saundra Jordan – Lab
  • Jeff Logan – Quality (Winner) 

Best Male Film Editing: An employee who is “behind the scenes” and is often unnoticed – someone who is dependable, trustworthy, and reliable.
  • Jesse Powell - Security
  • Joseph August – Respiratory Therapy
  • Sophon Huov – Housekeeping (Winner)

Best Female Film Editing: An employee who is “behind the scenes” and is often unnoticed – someone who is dependable, trustworthy, and reliable.
  • Linda Ewy – Quality
  • Marissa Zavala – Radiology
  • Elizabeth Gastelo – Endovascular (Winner) 

Best Performance in a Debut Role: An employee who has been in the position for six months or less, and has already become an exceptional part of the team.
  • Chuck Thomas – Nutrition and Dining
  • Kristi D’Alessandro – Outpatient Physical Therapy
  • Kong Lee – Nurse Float (Winner)

Best Performance in a Leading Role:  A leader who effectively manages their individual department – someone who is innovative, driven, dedicated, and exemplifies the “Clovis Way."
  • Carey Davies – Nutrition and Dining
  • Marilyn Greene – Emergency
  • Jon Yoshida – Respiratory Therapy (Winner)
Best Producer: An employee that never says “it can’t be done” or “it will never work” because they somehow find a way.
  • Jeanne Prieto-Davis – Nurse Float
  • Mariana Panuco – Nutrition and Dining
  • Michael Fernandez – Informatics (Winner)
Best Production Coordinator: A collaborative individual who paves the road for overall success and is a champion of the hospital.
  • Linda Lyons – Medical Records
  • Tom Minas – Surgery
  • Kathryn Kawaguchi – Nursing Administration (Winner)

Best Production Design: An employee who makes hospitality and responsiveness to patients and their team a habit; is professional and service oriented.
  • Julie DeYoung – Outpatient Physical Therapy
  • Sandy Kennedy – Nutrition and Dining
  • Loette Zablackis – Short Stay (Winner)
Best Promotional Director: An employee who is a cheerleader for the hospital and is always positive about the great things happening.
  • Kelli Teare - STAR
  • Stephen Rettig – Pharmacy
  • Katy White – Lab (Winner)
Best Short Film: An employee who has gone above and beyond on a special project; whether it was system-wide or within their department.
  • Christopher Cristwell - EEG
  • Leo Moua – Nurse Float
  • Melanie Moreno – Med/Surg (Winner)

Best Sound Effects: An employee who can anticipate, prevent and relieve patient and visitor anxiety. These are the staff members who help others feel calm.
  • Donna Hagar – Radin Breast Center
  • Kou Vang – Housekeeping
  • Derek Thomason – Chaplain Services (Winner) 

Best Supporting Actor: An employee who does not provide direct patient care or services, but supports those who do in an exemplary way.
  • Jasmine Ayala – Nursing Administration
  • Melea Peang – Nutrition and Dining
  • Courtney Russell – Quality (Winner)

Best Visual Effects: This employee inspires co-workers and customers, and their behavior is emulated by others; a role model to the rest of the staff.
  • Joy Sayachak-Phanvongkham - CPCU
  • Sarah Blount – Labor and Delivery
  • Deanne Cassou-Garcia – Inpatient Physical Therapy (Winner)

Patient’s Choice Award: An employee who consistently receives positive feedback from our patients, visitors or staff.
  • Melissa Phelps - Radiology
  • Tessa Beggs – Nurse Float
  • Kong Xiong – Med/Surg (Winner)

Sundowner Award: An employee who keeps things running long after the day staff has gone home.
  • Lori Ravizza – Labor and Delivery
  • Luis Dalogdog – CPCU
  • Tamie Ortiz – Nurse Float (Winner)

Employee recognition is an important part of Community’s culture – ensuring appreciation for employees’ contributions is embedded into our work environments. Each of Community’s hospital sites, as well as many departments, have developed unique recognition programs and celebratory events.  Leaders and staff also recognize each other through peer-to-peer recognition tools such as CARE, Star Grams and Heart of Caring which further strengthens our appreciative and caring culture.

Next, look for news on the 2016 Employee Service Awards honoring employees who have worked for Community for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years!  Yes, that’s right, we have a very special employee who celebrated his 50th work anniversary. I can’t wait to highlight this employee and tell you why he chose to grow his career at Community.