Friday, August 21, 2015 11:31 AM

Clovis Community employee wins fourth Fitbit

Congratulations to our fourth Fitbit winner Eric Hemphill, a Clovis Community physical therapist. Eric said it felt like a “mini Publisher’s Clearing House” win. “The surprise was great – more fun than getting the prize in any other way!” Eric also said he wishes he didn't have a “mouthful of salad” and that “sending a spotter in ahead of time” would be great. Well Eric, if we sent a spotter in ahead of time, we might not have captured your co-worker, Andrew’s same reaction to our grand entrance. His reaction was so great, it’s a featured replay – in slow motion at the end of this video.

ric won the fourth of 10 Fitbits being given away to employees who entered a Fitbit drawing during our pre-employee engagement survey educational activity. We asked employees to read an informational flier sharing achievements in not only patient care, but how their voice made a difference in the workplace over the past year. The Human Resources and Organizational Development teams were so pleased with the engagement of the 1,000 employees who participated, that they decided to reward more than one Fitbit hoping that this activity will continue to motivate employees to engage.

Eric shared that the one take-away he had was that “Community listens to the concerns of its employees and is dedicated to making our hospitals places where people want to work.” Eric also commented that he knew most of what was listed on the informational fliers but “reinforcement is a very useful tool.” ​Meaning, “Many people think they understand something but come to realize they missed something the first time they learned it.”

Community is a great place to work! And Becker’s Hospital Review thinks so too. Becker’s ranked Community among America’s other top 150 great places to work. I’ve been with Community over five years now and agree that it’s the best place I’ve ever had the opportunity to work.

Eric joins winners Irma Lorenzo in Finance, Marian Aranda at the Specialty Clinic in the Deran Koligian Ambulatory Care Center and Anellyn Cayco at Community Regional’s orthopedic unit. See their surprises caught on camera:

Fitbit winner #1: Irma Lorenzo
Fitbit winner #2: Marian Aranda
Fitbit winner #3: Anellyn Cayco

Please join us in congratulating them!

Shannon Merritt
Senior Internal Communications Specialist
Community Medical Centers