Friday, June 27, 2014 7:41 PM

Chocolate Chicken? What Will They Think of Next?...

...There is a new restaurant in L.A. called "ChocoChicken" that serves bittersweet cocoa coated chicken; you can even dip the chicken in chocolate ketchup! Oh, and one of their side dishes is ChocMashed potatoes! Apparently they are all the rage and already planning to expand operations due to their popularity.

Who would have thunk of that idea? 

I'm thankful for the "innovators" in this world-creating new food concepts is one thing, and certainly admirable, but new ideas, especially in the field of healthcare, now that's noteworthy. Here are some examples of advancing technologies that seem to change daily:

-Laser Technology to treat Parkinsonian patients; Growing artificial organs; "Tongue Tip Technology" that allows quadriplegics to steer a wheelchair; beaming doctors onto a screen into hospitals from remote locations; "Breathprints" that allow diagnosis of diseases; Nanoparticle therapy; High-tech tumor imaging to avoid invasive biopsies; Reducing radiation exposure during imaging exams; MRI refinements to more accurately diagnose a multitude of ailments; and on and on.

I hope inventors never give up on what can be done next. My husband is a "Treky" and he is convinced that some day, the transport technology seen in the very first Star Trek episodes will allow us to go out to dinner in New York, and be back by bedtime...ok honey, whatever, but maybe...