Thursday, May 4, 2017 3:49 PM

Caring, that’s what you do

As we look forward to National Nurse’s and Hospital Weeks in the first part of May, you deserve applause and celebration; all of the amazing folks that provide care day in and day out to thousands of patients and their significant others from all over the globe that receive care at Community Medical Centers-KUDOS TO ALL! From the direct care providers to the most peripheral and indirect, all of you play a very important role. You experience a multitude of scenarios, see nearly one million inpatients and outpatients in a year and teach, hold a hand, give a hug, instill confidence, guide, wipe away tears, perform procedures with skill, communicate, document, disinfect, study, learn, advise, calculate, plan, negotiate, monitor, console, project, lead, develop, analyze, oversee, coordinate, assist, support, coordinate…and, well, you do it all!
It is admirable what you do, the lives you touch; absolutely incredible!
We hope the upcoming festivities and recognition are enjoyed as they are intended to show appreciation and gratefulness for your role in Caring-That’s What You Do!

Wanda Holderman, F.A.C.H.E.
Chief Clinical Integration Officer
Community Medical Centers