Community Medical Centers publically reports how funds left after operating expenses are used to benefit the community. We call this our 'community benefit'.

Providing uncompensated services, outreach and education that benefit our region’s families has been a part of our mission for more than a century. We’ve historically spent more on uncompensated community benefits than all other Fresno-area hospitals combined – and in some years, nearly double the combined total of all other area hospitals.

Community Benefit Reports

Community benefits are an important measurement of how we invest in the health of the Central San Joaquin Valley.

 Community Benefits Report 2017-2018 (most recent)
 Community Benefits Report 2016-2017

Health Needs Assessment Report and Implementation Plan

One of the ways we decide how to invest community benefit funds is by conducting a health needs assessment every three years.

We do this in collaboration with the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California and a dozen other Valley health providers. This assessment looks at the challenges and barriers to good health in Fresno, Kings, Madera and Tulare counties.

From the findings of the Community Health Needs Assessment, we create an implementation plan that outlines how our hospitals are responding to the region’s identified health issues. This implementation plan is required by the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.

 Community Health Needs Assessment Report and Implementation Plan