We want your experience at the Center for Wound Healing at Clovis Community Medical Center to be as comfortable as possible. From evaluation to creating your personalized treatment and healing program to what to bring with you – here’s what you can expect on your first visit with us.
On your first visit our team will evaluate your wound by reviewing your medical history, general health and analyzing your test results.
Personalized Healing & Treatment Program
Based on your needs we’ll develop a healing and treatment program designed for you. Your treatment program will involve regular visits to the center to provide treatment, monitor progress and make changes as needed. This healing program may require regular visits for treatment, evaluation and follow up care.
What to Bring:
  • Payment information
  • Insurance information, please let us know if you have Medicare or secondary insurance
  • Physician information
  • Photo identification
  • Medication list

If you’re a new patient and have not completed the patient information form please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment. Save time and get the forms ahead of time. Patients who fill out this form must still check in at the time of their scheduled appointment.