A Sixth Sense

Wanda Holderman: March 14, 20132 Comments

I tuly believe our grandson Landon, at three years old, has a special "sixth sense" regarding our precious 21 month old grand-daughter Leah, who is his little sister.
Normally, and quite expectedly, Landon is loud, full of energy (and sometimes spitefulness); non-stop, wanting to wrestle and tussle with Daddy and Opa...and just generally an all-around "boy"...except when it comes to his sister...
...you see, Leah has signs of autism. I am so thankful she is receiving intense behavioral modification therapy after a comprehensive evaluation a few weeks ago that resulted in her qualifying for much needed professional and skilled intervention. I affectionately refer to her as "Miss California"...do you recall recently a feature on "Miss Montana" having autism as a child? Fast forward to today, and she is a high-functioning and very thriving and successful young woman...I will expect no less of Miss Leah someday.
Landon is so very precious with her...he is gentle, loving, protective, and attempts with all his might to engage her. What is extermely delightful to watch is how she indeed lights up when he is interacting with her; she gets down-right excited and starts laughing out-loud! Oh the joy of it.
Maybe Landon gets his intuitive tendencies from me (hehe)...I call it a "gut check" as I often have a strong sense about things and/or people, and it usually turns out to be right. Now admitteldly, there are times that my "sensation" doesn't translate to reality, but often it does.
When I worked at the bedside in Critical Care years ago, I wouldn't always be able to put my finger on what was going on with a patient condition, but that didn't keep me from calling the physician and saying, "I need you to see this patient, something's not quite right, but I can't tell you exactly what"...sure enough, diagnostic lab work and/or x-rays would reveal a problem. I developed a trust with many of the physicians regarding this "gut" thing, and we would laugh that they didn't alwasy like getting a phone call from me because it usually meant a trip back to the OR!
As you engage with patients, their families, and each other-try to be sensitive about what they are not telling you, as much as what is obvious...you never know what is waiting to be discovered.

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My 8 Year old son has Autism, and event though the road can be long and hard - we stay the course. And in the process he has taught me more than I will ever be able to teach him. Good luck on your journey.

sixth sense article

I enjoyed your blog "sixth sense". I believe many people have that gut instinct, especially children and animals as well. Hopefully, people will recognize this trait about themself and use it to the best of their ability.

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