About Us

We are locally owned, nonprofit Community Medical Centers. As the central San Joaquin Valley's largest healthcare provider and private employer, here's an update on how we are delivering healthcare, making it more accessible and prudently using our human and fiscal resources to improve the Valley's well-being.


Making Care Accessible

We invest in facilities, expertise, research and technology so everyone in the central San Joaquin Valley — regardless of their circumstances — has access to top-level care at the right place and the right time.

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Building Relationships

We innovate and network with others to improve healthcare in the central San Joaquin Valley, offering solutions wherever possible.

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Advancing Clinical Quality

We aim to rank among the nation's top hospitals in the delivering measurable quality care, investing in best practices and technology. Toward that goal, our long partnership with University of California, San Francisco, Medical School helps bring much-needed medical specialists and research to the central San Joaquin Valley.

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Shaping Patient Care

We advocate with policy makers at every level to address the central San Joaquin Valley's myriad and often unique healthcare needs.

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Stewarding Our Resources

We promise to prudently use our fiscal and human resources, working ethically and efficiently to provide the best patient care.

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Caring for Our Workforce

We embrace our responsibility to the people who make us the largest private employer in the central San Joaquin Valley and the region's largest provider of medical services. We pledge to treat them honestly, compensate them fairly and provide opportunities for them to grow professionally as part of making Community the employer of first choice.

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