Our team at the Center for Wound Healing at Clovis Community Medical Center is specially trained in treating wounds, including many that have resisted healing after months and sometimes years of traditional treatment. If a non-healing wound isn't treated it may increase the chances of infection and require hospitalization. If tissue damage from an infection is extensive, surgery or amputation may also be needed. Our expert team works together to determine why the wound isn't healing and develop a plan of care to heal it as quickly as possible.

Wound Treatments We Offer:

Alleviation of Pressure
Keeping pressure off of foot ulcers and pressure ulcers promotes healing. Sometimes special casts or boots are placed on the foot to off-load pressure from the ulcer. Wheelchair cushions and special mattresses can be used to help off-load pressure from the pressure ulcer.
The removal of dead tissue from the wound, or debridement, is often needed to clean the wound, reduce bacteria and promote healing. Debridement is the most effective treatment in wound healing.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO)
Clovis Community Medical Center offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) as part of its Wound Healing Program. HBO is a medical treatment given in a comfortable, climate-controlled see-through chamber with increased pressure and filled with 100 percent oxygen which increases the amount of oxygen in a person’s bloodstream. This may improve delivery of oxygen to injured tissue, accelerate wound healing, control certain infections, help new blood vessels grow and may also result in preserving the injured tissue.

Skin Grafts
A bio-engineered tissue or human skin graft can be used to treat ulcers such as diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers which often fail to heal with conventional treatments.
Specialty Wound Dressings
There are many specialty wound dressings designed to manage the unique characteristics of various wound types and can sometimes encourage a wound to heal.
Surgery may be needed to help correct some factors affecting wound healing. They may include removing infected bone, improving circulation and correcting bone deformities of the foot.