Prepared Childbirth - Virtual Series


Class 2: Understanding Labor & Birth

This session will give you a broad overview of what happens during labor and birth. You’ll learn common terms used at the hospital. You’ll also discover the answers to questions like, “How do I know when to call the doctor and go to the hospital?” or “What are the signs that I'm in real labor and not false labor?” You'll also receive links to view all of our prepared childbirth virtual classes.

Here's a full list of all the classes we offer:
Introduction: Take a Tour of Our Birthing Facilities
Class 1: Exploring Registration
Class 2: Understanding Labor & Birth
Class 3: Identifying Stages of Labor
Class 4: Handling Labor Pain & Comfort Measures
Class 5: Applying Labor Pain & Comfort Measures
Class 6: Identifying Labor & Birth Interventions
Class 7: Understanding Cesarean Birth
Class 8: Caring for Yourself - Postpartum
Class 9: Experiencing Your Amazing Newborn
Class 10: Learning About Breastfeeding

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