In the postpartum unit we have a wonderful team who is dedicated to you, by providing 24-hour care to you and your baby as you recover from the birthing process. You are the most important member of our care team!

The postpartum unit features 15 private and 34 beds in semi-private rooms. We model couplet care – where mom and baby stay together rather than the baby going to the nursery. You and your baby are the most important member of our care team!

After delivery you will be under the care of your OB/GYN and/or OB/GYN residents. Your pediatrician will be responsible for your baby’s care. Your OB/GYN will visit you each day to monitor your condition. During these visits, be sure to ask them any questions you may have regarding your recovery, medications, concerns, etc.

Your baby’s pediatrician also will visit you and your baby each day. The pediatrician will assess the baby’s condition and well being. Once again if you have any questions about your newborn, please do not hesitate to ask.

Postpartum unit features:

  • Newly remodeled rooms
  • 15 private and 34 semi-private rooms
  • Inpatient lactation education, consultation and support program
  • Perinatal (before and after birth) education resources
  • Couplet care (mom and baby stay together)

Breast Feeding and Lactation Specialist
During your postpartum stay, you have the option of receiving private bedside breastfeeding education and assistance from one of our lactation specialists who will visit with you during your hospital stay.

Rooming In
On the postpartum unit, you are encouraged to keep your baby in the room with you. This is known as "rooming in." This time spent together helps you to be more comfortable in caring for your baby's needs. You’ll more quickly learn your baby's cues and get to understand what he or she wants. Many new moms also sleep better when their baby is in the room. Your baby will be with you continuously during the day and at night unless your baby needs to be in the newborn nursery for medical reasons.

Security and Safety
The safety and security of the environment in our labor and delivery suites, postpartum unit, nursery care unit, intermediate, and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) are our utmost concern. You will notice that we carefully monitor all individuals who come and go on the units as a security precaution.

Immediately after delivery matching identification bands are attached to your newborn, you and the father/spouse. Footprints are made and photographs of your infant are taken for identification purposes.

In addition, all staff are specially trained in monitoring processes to ensure the location of the infant in the unit at all times.

Hospital badges in Women and Children’s Service areas are identified by the colors pink and blue with their photo, name and department listed on the front. Always verify a staff member’s identification before allowing them to take your baby. If you are concerned, use your call-light for assistance. Like hospitals nationwide, we have a security plan in place, educate staff, and monitor effectiveness through frequent drills to ensure the security of newborns and children in the hospital.

Hourly Rounding
For your comfort and safety, a member of our staff will check on you at least once an hour. Our focus will be your condition, safety, comfort, pain, personal care and additional needs. If you are sleeping our staff will not wake you unless necessary for medical purposes.