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Center of Excellence

Marjorie E. Radin Breast Care Center has been designated a Center of Excellence by two leading organizations – the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers™ (NQMBC) and American College of Radiology (ACR) – because of our comprehensive treatment and expertise in diagnosing breast cancer.

These stamps of excellence mean that we meet strict national standards. When you see the ACR gold seal, you can rest assured that your imaging test is being performed at a facility that meets the highest level of imaging quality and radiation safety. To achieve the ACR Gold Standard of Accreditation, our facility's personnel qualifications, equipment requirements, quality assurance, and quality control procedures have gone through a rigorous review process and have met specific qualifications. Every aspect of the ACR accreditation process, which is the largest and oldest imaging accrediting body in the United States, is overseen by board-certified, expert radiologists and medical physicists in advanced diagnostic imaging.

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