We know it can feel overwhelming to have your baby in the NICU. However, you can rest assured we'll help your baby grow in a nurturing, protective environment that optimizes the care needed.

Your baby is doing important work in the NICU by growing and developing. We want to be sure we not only support your baby's progress but help you understand and participate in his or her care. We're here to support both you and your baby in your journey toward home. We want to help you get home with a healthy, happy baby.

In the NICU, you may meet many different people who will help care for your infant.

NICU Care Team Members:

  • Pediatrician - a physician with specialized training in caring for babies and children

  • Neonatologist - a pediatrician with specialized training in caring for sick newborns

  • NICU Pharmacist - a pharmacist who's an expert in the medications, fluids and nutrition ill babies need

  • Registered Nurse (RN) - a nurse who specializes in intensive neonatal care and who will be at your baby's bedside 24 hours a day

  • Pediatric Resident - a physician in training to care for babies and children

  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) - a nurse with a master’s or doctorate degree who has specialized training in caring for critically ill newborns

  • Staff Nurses (RN) - registered nurses who care for your baby

  • Clinical nurse specialist (CNS) - a nurse with a master’s degree who has specialized training in caring for your baby, directing nursing practice in the unit and providing nursing consultations to the care team

  • Respiratory Care Practitioners - professionals who have specialized training in caring for your baby’s breathing needs

  • Lactation Specialists - professionals who have training in helping mother and infant succeed in breastfeeding

  • Rehabilitation Team - professionals who have specialized training in promoting and supporting infant development, therapeutic positioning and feeding

  • Medical Social Workers - professionals who offer emotional support to families and connect them with social and financial resources as well as assist in communicating with their insurance companies for authorization of care

  • Discharge Planner - a registered nurse who facilitates your baby's coordination of care while in the hospital and arranges for any special care referrals or equipment needed for your baby's discharge from the hospital. The discharge planner also can communicate with your insurance company for authorization of care

  • Unit Clerks - staff who assist in the organization of care in the NICU

  • Radiology Technologists - professionals who take X-rays

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers - professionals with specialized training in sonographic and echocardiographic imaging of sick newborns

  • Advanced Practice Sonographer - A multicredentialed sonographer with specialized training in pediatric and fetal echocardiography as well as all sonographic imaging of sick newborns